About us


Our business was started by a small team of very ambitious young men and women. We’ve worked in the retail industry for several years. This eventually prompted us to start our own little venture and we opened a local store to sell our products.

At first the operation was very small, but then we started seeing larger and larger interest for products in the entire UK and not just Manchester. So we’ve decided to expand our marketing towards the entire United Kingdom!

So far so good!


We strongly believe in making high-quality products accessible to everyone by going directly to the consumer. Our goal is to change the way people shop which is the reason we’ve decided to take the whole thing online.

We go straight to the manufacturers to remove the middlemen, making our goods affordable, without sacrificing product quality or customer experience.

However, price isn’t the only issue because we care about product quality more than anything. That’s why we carefully go through many different manufacturers to pick out a very small selection of products that we believe will offer you a great value for money.

We believe that having a specialty store with a unique yet very small selection of awesome items at prices everyone can afford, combined with a quick and simple checkout process, is what makes online shopping fun and enjoyable for everyone involved! And luckily, our customers seem to agree on this as well!


Our vision is very clear – we want to bring you products you will love and be happy with using every day. We want to transform your home in any way you wish. And we do our best to bring this vision to reality by working around the clock to partner up with various manufacturers offering the most interesting and unique products we can find, so that you can enjoy the fruits of our labor.


We believe that satisfied customers are the backbone of any successful business, which is why we promise to help you with any issue you might encounter while shopping at our store.

If there’s a problem with your items, delivery, payment, returns, refunds, or anything else. Do not hesitate to email us at contact@stillwithyou.dk or call us at +15047337537 with any issue you might experience and we will do our best to solve it and help you out.

Don’t hesitate to go to the Contact Us page and send us a message!
Happy Shopping!